2020 Silva Suds Society Bottle Membership *Bottles SHIPPED to residential/business in CA*



The Silva Suds Society “Bottle Member" agrees to and accepts the terms of the Membership Agreement. The Bottle Membership Agreement is based on the following provisions:


  1. The Bottle Member is 21 or over with valid ID
  2. The Bottle Member acknowledges that their membership fee of $300 is a prepayment for twenty-four (24) specialty bottles, including a minimum of four (4) different beers in total.
    1. Shipping costs are $18 for each shipment ($18 x 4 = $72) and included in this membership fee.
    2. The Bottle Member receives Twenty-four (24) 500 mL bottles to be released over the course of their one-year membership.
  1. Bottle Members receive early access to purchase bottle releases before they are released to the public. Bottles will be sold on a first-come first-served basis while supplies last.
  2. 2020 Bottle Member receives the first opportunity to purchase a 2021 membership.
    1. 2020 membership benefits, which are designed for one person, will commence on January 1st, 2020, and conclude on December 31, 2020.
    The Bottle Member receives:
  3. A 10% discount on all draft pours, merchandise, and Crowler/Growler fills purchased in our tasting room. The Member may purchase draft pours, merchandise, and Crowler/Growler fills for any of their guests as long as the purchases are on the Bottle Member’s tab. Discount does not apply to gift cards.
  4. The Bottle Member receives 10% off of any kegged beer purchases. The Bottle Member will be required to fill out necessary paperwork and provide a $100 cash deposit for each keg, as outlined in our Keg Policy.


Below are the Bottle Membership details:

  • Silva Brewing will have the exclusive right to select the releases for Silva Suds Society Bottle Members.
  • Silva Brewing reserves the right to not announce which beers will be included in each membership period. This is to guard against any issues that may occur during aging and ensure that the integrity of the Silva Suds Society Bottle Membership is protected.
  • There will be no proxies/trustees allowed.
  • Silva Suds Society Bottle Member expressly acknowledges as a Bottle Member, you